The Bellevue Bruins (#4) opened up the scoring and would get a 3 run home run from JR. J.T Patterson. The Bruins would go onto to beat the Midland Warriors (#5) by the score of 7-1.

The Bellevue Bruins offense would have a little extra pop in the bat as they would connect for 9 hits including 5 being for extra bases. The offense would be led by Kory Longaker. He would go 2-5 with a single and a home run. J.T. Patterson went 1-2 with a 3 run homerun. Travis Tanaka went 2-4 with a single and a triple. Riley Baasch went 1-3 with a single. Gary Dixon would go 1-4 with a triple. Austin Alexander went 1-4 with a home run. Diego Iribarren went 1-2 with a single of his own.

The Bruins would send Reid Feeley to the mound and he would throw 7.2 strong innings and allow 1 run on 10 hits. Feeley would sit down 6 Warriors via the strikeout. With this win Feeley moves to 8-2 on the season. The Bruins used just one arm out of the bullpen in Colten Barnes. He would throw 1.1 innings and would allow 0 runs on just 1 hit.

The Warriors would finish the game with 11 hits and would be led by Nolan Luzzi. He would go 4-5 with 3 singles and a double. Tanner Bos went 2-5 with 2 singles. Justin Trevino went 1-5 with a single. Gabriel Settles went 1-4 with a single. Bryan Smith would go 1-4 with a single. Bailey Bliss went 1-3 with a single. Matt Abdelnour went 1-3 with a single.

The Warriors sent SR. Hayden Bailey to the mound where he would throw 5 innings and allow 4 runs on 5 hits. Bailey was able to strikeout 3 during his time on the mound. With this loss Bailey will fall to 3-3 on the season. The Warriors use one arm out of the bullpen with Dakota Cortese. He would throw 3 innings and would allow 3 runs on 4 hits.