USAO’s Head Coach Mike Ross, has reached another coaching milestone. Ross just recently captured his 350th win, on Tuesday in a win over LSU Alexanderia 6-2.

This is Coach Ross 10th season as the head coach at USAO, as he has been here from 2009-current. Ross also was at USAO during 2000-2002 and 2005-2008 as the assistant coach under hall of fame head coach L.J. Powell. In between those two periods Ross spent time as the assistant coach at Vernon Junior College in Texas.

Since being the head coach at USAO, Ross has a career record of 351-173 which is a winning percentage of 67%. Ross has tallied 147 Sooner Athletic Conference wins so far in his career. Over his 10 year period, Ross has had three 40 wins seasons and is heading toward another this season as the Drovers have 38 wins with 4 games remaining. Ross has proved his ability to recruit, in his 10 season as head coach he has not had a losing season.

Senior Corey Korenic said “Three years ago I met coach Ross. At that time all I heard was very good things about him as a person and his program he runs here at USAO. After I decided to sign here, I have gotten to see it first hand. He definitely has meaning in everything he says or does. Not only does he have the ability form and build winning programs but I believe he has made us all better individuals. I’m sure nobody is surprised at the number of wins he has as a coach and we all know he has many more to come! Congrats Coach Ross on win number 350!”

Former Player César Figuereo said “In my baseball career I have played for many good coaches, but coach Ross stands above most of them. He is a coach that knows the game really well, maintain a good coach-player relationship, which help to have a nice environment in the team, and he is a coach you can approach easily, not like so many other coaches that almost never have time to talk to their players.”

Senior Mason Stasyszen said “Coach Ross is very intelligent coach and i’ve been fortunate enough to play for him for the past 5 seasons. From my redshirt year of 27-22, to two 40 win seasons, a conference championship and two World Series appearances, Coach Ross has been the key to all of our success. He has gotten all of us to buy into what he’s trying to coach and that’s played a huge role into what we’ve been able to accomplish. He turned our program into one of the best in the nation and we wouldn’t be where we are without him. We as players must continue to trust the process and continue to buy into what he’s teaching us. Congrats on 350 skip!”

Senior Greg Barnette said “Thats pretty awesome like usual he didnt bring attention to himself he tends to focus on the team and what we are doing but 350 wins is pretty cool. He has done a really good job on putting this program on the map and hos desire to win was a big reason why i came to USAO. He is one of the best coaches ive ever had and its cool to sometimes turn around and praise some of the stuff hes done. He wont be stopping anytime soon and he is going to continue to put a good product on the field. I have so much respect for him.”