The North Korean Threat

North Korea has been posing a threat to America for awhile now. North Korea in making threats to America saying “The US will regret their decision.” Trump has been rallying the world against the rouge regime of North Korea. North Korea also poses a threat to the American allies. Lately places like Japan have been trying to cut all ties with North Korea. Some people worry that North Korea is to big of a threat that they need to be taken off of the map.

The Fight Against ISIS

ISIS,like North Korea has been a threat for some time now. They have been getting a lot of attention lately. They are known for their hatred against America, and Christians. Many places are in the fight against ISIS, but some countries haven’t joined the fight yet. They have also been recruiting Americans to attack the US for them, such as the recent terror plot in San Francisco that was supposed to happen on pier 39.

South Sudan Cease Fire

As the civil war in South Sudan progresses, they are trying to put a hold on the war with  a cease fire. Some think it is the “last hope for peace.” The war is entering its fifth year, and no one knows how many people have been killed by the war. Parts of the East African nation are on the brink of starvation, and many other have had to flee to neighboring countries. There have been some accusations that the government have been killing people after the cease fire.

The “Merchant of Death”

Police in India have confirmed the death of a militant separatist leader named Noor Muhammed Tantray. He was part of a Pakistan-based Janishe-Muhammed (JeM) group. As the news of his death spreads hundreds of residents came to the streets and shouted anti-India slogans, and clashing with police. Police say that a tip-off led them to the house in the Pulwama district where Tantray was hiding with two other suspected militants.