Chickasha Basketball Season Preview


The Fightin’ Chicks are looking to improve off of last season, where they went 14-11. The Chicks will have to fill a big role from Brock Henderson and Magyver Boles. The Chicks are led by Senior David Thibodeaux and Senior Ethan Christian. This will be a very young, but also very talents team. The Chicks will need Thibodeaux, Christian and even Junior Logan Johnson to step up. The Coaching staff for the boy, consists of coach Wes Pulliam and assistant coaches Chase Johnson and Lance Yanda.

The projected starting 5 for the Chickasha varsity boys, are Ethan Christian, Deonte Wash, Austin Albright, Logan Johnson and David Thibodeaux.

Boys Quotes:

Sophomore Austin Albright said “Well I’m excited about the season and what it holds. I’m thankful for the coaches to give Deonte and Me the chance to start as sophomores. I really want our team to stay positive towards one another and continue to build each other up. The coaches can do all the yelling and we can do all the playing. So let’s go out and get a Win tonight and start the season off right!!”

Coach Johnson said “Going to be a young core of guys this year, but it’s a group of guys that we have been excited about since their junior high days. Can’t wait to see the guys mature as the year progresses and see what type of run we can make in the playoffs”

Coach Pullium said ” I️ think we have a really good group of inexperienced guys that have two things that are important in athletics. First they are passionate about the game and two they have talent that is just now being discovered. I️t is my privilege to coach at Chickasha and I️t is the most rewarding spot I️ have had in my career. From former student athletes that never seem to leave to the junior high guys that have tremendous potential there is awesome kids to coach. As coaches we will do the best job preparing these young men for both basketball but more importantly life.”


The lady Chicks are coming off a rough 2016-17 season, and look to bounce back in a really strong way.Just like the boy, the girls have a big role to fill as well. The Chicks have to replace Lynnsie Elam, Jayce Brown and Meredith Noland. Over the offseason, the Chicks named coach Sanders the new girls basketball coach. Coach Sanders has been the assistant for 3 years at Chickasha. The coaching staff is made up by, Coach Sanders and the assistants coach Lauren Pittman and coach Elisha Burdett. This team is also very young, with just 4 Seniors on the team. The 5 Seniors, are Kylie Harmon, Erin Powell, Tina Bradford, Dekyra Foster and Breanna French.

Girls Quotes:

Sophomore Lexi McElroy said “We have put a lot of work in leading up to tonight pushing ourselves spending lots of time in the gym. Our coaches have also put a lot of extra time into all of it watching videos after videos correcting us and finding things that fit our team. We are all super excited for tonight. We have gotten a lot better at working as a team. We only have one returning starter from last season which means we started from the ground and have climbed the ladder as a team to get where we are!! So let’s start our season tonight with a win!”

Coach Sanders said “We are all very excited about this year, the girls have made progress each day and im very proud of them for that! I couldn’t ask for a better group, they work hard for me and are led by a great group of seniors. They have many factors against them this year such as being very young, injuries, and coming off a tough previous season but our team motto is to fear nothing! We will take 1 game at a time and look to improve every day! We really enjoy being around each other and that is going to help tremendously this year. “

Join Brayden Carpenter and Josh Callaway on 106.1 the ranch, for a live radio broadcast.

Lexi McElroy (top), Austin Albright (Bottom)



  1. I would like to donate to Chickasha High School Athletics and/or Special Needs programs in the name of Chase Johnson. Please reply.


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