I recently conducted an interview with USAO’s SR. Dillon White. In this Article we discuss White’s past and even time spent at USAO.

Question 1:

Q: What is your favorite baseball memory?

A: “Playing JUCO ball with my brother at Cowley Co my sophomore year of college. ”

Question 2:

Q: Growing up who did you admire the most? Why?

A:  “My dad because he’s been through hell and back and is the hardest working guy I know. ”

Question 3:

Q: What is your plan after USAO?

A: “To graduate with a business degree and start my own landscaping company. ”

Question 4:

Q: What is your Normal routine before a baseball game?

A: “Hit in the cages an hour before we show up to the field then stretch and take BP with team”

Question 5:

Q: Since being at USAO what do you think you’ve most improved in?

A:  “I feel like I’ve just kinda improved my overall game in general just getting a couple more years experience.”

Question 6:

Q: What is the best advice you were ever given? And by who?

A: “The best advice I’ve ever been given was from my juco coach.  He told me to find the weaknesses in my game and work hard enough on them that they become my strengths.”

Question 7:

Q: Explain the transition from high school baseball to college baseball?

A: “The hardest transition from high school to college is the speed of the game and the amount of effort you have to give on every pitch.”

Question 8:

Q: How hard is it to balance school work and baseball?

A: “You just have to make school a priority and it’s really not that hard unless you get behind.”