The Anadarko Warriors will be taking on the Elgin Owls on March  3 at 8:00 PM. This game will be play at Swosu in Weatherford. This matchup has been one of the most exciting all year, in the first meeting Anadarko won 50-43 and in the second Elgin would win 45-30. Coming into this game Anadarko’s record is 21-4 which puts them at #9 in 4A. Coming into this game Elgin’s record is 17-8 including winning 11 of their last 12. The winner of this game, will advance to state and the loser will have to play Saturday at 6:30 to to go to state.

What to know about Elgin:

Elgin caught fire just at the right time, winning 11 of the last 12 games, through this stretch they have averaged 60 points per game. Some players to watch for Elgin are Tanner Meraz who is a good all around player and Greydon Buhlig.

Senior Greydon Buhlig said “Well we need to play as a team defensively. They can shoot the ball really well so help as much as we can. On offense we need to play inside out. We need to score on every possession. Play hard and play fast. We know them well and they know us so it should be a great game. We are playing at an all time high and with great confidence. And we think we can win it all but we are taking it one game at a time.”

Senior Dillian Landers said “It’s a big game for us Friday, and they are a different team than when we faced them last. They are a tough team that is well coached. Our offensive threats are very versatile and we’ll need to use our versatility by scoring inside-out all game. Defensively we’ll need to be on top of our game with maximum effort every defensive play. It should be a great game considering we’ve already met twice with Anadarko taking a win and us taking the other. I’m looking forward to the game against a familiar”

What to know about Anadarko:

While Elgin is playing well so are the Warriors, winning 13 of their last 14. The Warriors only loss during this stretch was to Elgin. Anadarko is a very balanced team, where Adrian Labrador can shoot the three, James Davis and Christian Braveheart attack the interior.

Sophomore Christian Braveheart said “Well we need to come into the game against Elgin focused, prepared and mentally tough. We just got to set up to the challenge ahead of us and let nothing distract us from our goals.”

Senior James Davis said “They were the only team to beat us in our conference so this is revenge.”

Keys to the game for Elgin:
1. Protect the 3 point line, while protecting the Interior

2. Get on top early, don’t get down cause Anadarko can put points up fast

3. Establish Tanner Meraz early.

Keys to the game for Anadarko:

1. Have to defend Tanner Meraz, he can score fast and is very athletic.

2. Establish the 3 pointer early, put up a lot of points quick.

3. Free throws will be a big key to this game for both teams.