I recently conducted an interview with Chickasha Sr. Brock Henderson. Henderson will be heading to the University Of Oklahoma next fall where he will begin a new chapter in his life, as a member of the Sooners baseball team. While baseball is Henderson’s choice for the future, I wanted to discuss basketball with him as he just reached the 2000 point milestone for his basketball career.

Question 1:

Q: Growing up who did you admire the most? Why?

A: “My dad: He has always been on my side and supported me all the way. No matter if I had the best game of my life or the worst he still loved me and believed in me”

Question 2:

Q: What is your favorite basketball memory?

A: “Winning the game in area last year to go to state. That was the most excited I’ve ever been”

Question 3:

Q: What is your normal routine before a basketball game?

A: “I always listen to music to get me focused then I stretch with a partner to get me ready.”

Question 4:

Q: What is the best advice you were ever given? And by who?

A: “A fellow friend that went to play college basketball at Western Kentucky told me play every game like somebody in the stands has never seen you play before. Go out there and impress that one person.”

Question 5:

Q: How do you want your teammates to remember you?

A: “As a great leader and a hard worker. Somebody they could come talk to not only about basketball but life.”

Question 6:

Q: What part of basketball comes easiest to you?

A: “Nothing comes easy in basketball. You have to work hard in every single aspect. If you don’t work at something it will be exposed on the basketball court.”

Question 7:

Q: Explain the feeling knowing you scored your 2,000 point here at Chickasha?

A: “It’s what I wanted to do. Knowing I was close to 2000 at the beginning of week I wanted to score it at home where family friends and the community could experience it with me.”

Question 8:

Q: What area do you think you’ve most improved in?

A: “I think I have improved as a decision maker. With experience and practice I have been able to make the right decision no matter what comes at me in a game.”

Question 9:

Q: What made you choose baseball over basketball?
A: “Baseball has been a love for me since I knew what a ball was. I fell in love with it and never stopped loving it since.”

Brock Henderson has been a huge asset to all the sports he plays and will be truly missed. We wish him the best as he moves on to the University of Oklahoma.